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 Starting your families journey with Foundations FDCS is easy. You can choose from either a Digital or Hardcopy Enrolment Pack. Our Foundations team is available to help with any part of the enrolment process by phone on (07) 3633 0813 or email at

Download a Family Enrolment Pack to complete to complete and bring to your meeting with Foundations Family Day Care Service.

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More Information

Ongoing fees are calculated for payment on a fortnightly basis.
CCS Fees are paid to Foundations FDCS and passed onto each educator.
Gap fees must be paid directly to the educator. Unless the family has a certified exemption, all families are expected to pay any gap fee.
Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the main way the Government assists families with their child care fees, and is targeted to provide greater assistance to low and middle income families.

To apply to have the Child Care Subsidy deducted from your fees, complete the following: 

1. Complete a claim for the Child Care Subsidy through Centrelink online, in-person or over the phone.

2. Once your claim has been completed you will receive a Customer Reference Number (CRN) for yourself. Your child will also receive a Child Recognition Number (also called a CRN).

3. Once you have received your CRN numbers please write them on the space provided on the enrolment form along with the DOB for both yourself and your child(ren). Please ensure that the DOB provided on the enrolment form is the same as the DOB provided to Centrelink.