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Foundations Family Day Care Service is dedicated to the care and wellbeing of your child.

Our aim is to supply a quality service where all children are considered precious and every child enters an environment which offers the support and care just like at home.  Every home environment will be slightly different but all will provide a home like service which is safe and secure and where each child can learn and develop through exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials and experiences. 

1:7 Educator to child ratio

Research shows quality education and care early in life leads to better health, education and employment outcomes later in life. Our family day care educators are monitored and supported by our coordination staff. The number of children who can be educated and cared for in a family day care environment includes 4 children under school age (including the educator’s own children) and 3 children of school age. Improving educator to child ratios allows educators to give more individual care and attention and contributes to better social and learning outcomes for children. With this educator to child ratio, our educators are able to develop more effective and meaningful relationships with children, resulting in more engaged, happy and relaxed individuals.



Ongoing fees are paid on a fortnightly basis. Payment is required at the end of each fortnight. Child Care Subsidy approved families can opt to have their CCS entitlements paid directly to the child care service so that you are charged a lower fee per week. Any gap fees must be paid by the parent/guardian to Foundations Family Day Care Service. Parents will be invoiced via email and payment is to be made within 7 days from the invoice date. Payments will be maid directly to your educator via their given BSB and account details.


  • As with all childcare services, public holidays and sick days must be paid for and one signature is required for each of these days
  • Fees are not reduced on the days a child is absent due to illness or personal family holidays.
  • Payment is required for all booked days of care as per the enrolment form. Fees must be paid regardless of a child’s absence.
  • Please let your child’s educator know prior to ANY absence for any period. If your child is sick, please phone your child’s educator early on the day of illness.
  • Upon your child returning to family day care, the reason for the absence must be written on the attendance sheet in the Payment & Attendance Record Book/Electronic Sign in. (ie. holidays, hospital, spent the day at grandma’s, unwell). Failing to do so may impact your Child Care Assistance.

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